Core stream type 1: small-sized, shallow, mountain streams
   Czech Republic
   United Kingdom
Core stream type 2: medium-sized, deeper, lowland streams
   United Kingdom
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Additional stream types
   Austria: small-sized crystalline streams of the ridges of the Central Alps
   Czech Republic: small-sized streams in the Central sub-alpine Mountains
   France: small-sized, shallow headwater streams in Eastern France
   Germany: small-sized Buntsandstein streams
   Greece: small-sized calcareous mountain streams in Western, Central & Southern Greece
   Greece: medium-sized silicious mountain streams in Northern Greece
   Greece: medium-sized silicious streams on the Aegean Islands
   Greece: medium-sized calcareous streams in Western Greece
   Italy: small-sized calcareous streams in the Central Apennines
   Italy: small-sized streams in the Southern calcareous Alps
   Portugal: medium-sized streams in lower mountainous areas of Southern Portugal
   Sweden: medium-sized streams on calcareous soils
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