WP 13: Linkage of the project database and the database of existing data


To link the project database (Workpackage 10) with selected national and international databases (selected in Workpackage 4) in order to inter-calibrate methodologies and the availability of data for the wider benefit of the Council of Europe and for the European water industry and academic community.

Methodology/work description

The principal formats in which aquatic biological and environmental data are stored in other European and national monitoring databases, assessment systems, biodiversity databases, research programmes and museums will be determined by direct enquiry and reference to the literature and the World Wide Web. This will include the principal taxonomic coding systems used to record data and the currently accepted literature. Many of the project consortium also have direct personal experi-ence and knowledge of existing databases and current taxonomy.

The current project database will incorporate specific 'macros' for the direct exchange of data between the major databases (selected in Workpackage 4), including the transfer of data from the most widely used electronic spreadsheets, relational databases. The use of common data fields will maintain the referential integrity of the data transfer process.

The project database will also include facilities for the translation of each of the major European systems of taxonomic coding (Maitland/Furse Code, German DV no, Ecoprof, AQEM, TCM Code) to each of the other systems and will provide equivalent facilities for resolving taxonomic synonymies.

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